Packaging and marking

Our packaging protects and informs

Special packaging protects the tool from any damage during warehousing, transport and subsequent storage. It is re-usable and durable. Most packages are fitted with a hanger, so they can easily be placed on racks or perforated wall hooks.

We use a colour marking system - the packaging colour indicates at first glance the material, and thus the equipment, for which the tool is intended.

  • Red - concrete tools for electro-pneumatic hammers
  • Green - tools for hammering and impact-free drilling in masonry, wall and glass
  • Yellow - wood tools
  • Blue - metal tools
  • Blue - metal tools

Bar codes – fast, simple, error free

Every item in our assortment is marked with a bar code. This allows our staff to quickly and flawlessly prepare goods for dispatch, but at the same time it also brings a great number of benefits to our merchant partners.

By using barcodes in retail, cash register handling productivity is increased by tens of percent. In addition, it is possible at any time to check the stock levels of individual goods. Barcode data acquisition is much faster than keyboard entry, and the number of possible errors is minimised.

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