OREN s.r.o., founded in the mid-1990s, is a typical Czech family business. A wish to be self-sufficient and an enthusiasm for doing things ourselves led us to open a small shop for drills in 1994.

Starting out with limited financial resources and little experience, we nevertheless began to build relationships with suppliers and a network of customers. Thanks to the direct import of goods from abroad, we were able to develop not only as a local retailer, but also as a wholesale business.

The turn of the millennium, accompanied by the arrival of foreign DIY stores on the Czech market, was a watershed. We realised that in order to be successful against such competition, we would have to specialise. As a result, we left the drilling machine trade and concentrated on a previously relatively insignificant part of our product range – drilling tools.

A complete range of OREN drilling tools was first made available for both DIY and professional use in 2002; our offer has been constantly expanding ever since.



Our newly reconstructed office and warehouse premises, which came into operation at the beginning of 2019, provide us with the space needed for technical and logistics improvements.

The new pillars on which the company is developing, they are both large enough and tailored to our needs - they will allow us to further improve the services we provide to our customers, with space for the education and training of our staff.