Our packaging protects and informs

  • Practical and high-quality packaging is as important for us as the quality of the supplied tools.
    Our packaging must serve not only as a protection for the goods, but must also inform and represent.

  • Obaly produktů OREN
  • Most of packaging have a hook and can be hung up in a display stand.

  • Obaly produktů OREN
  • On each packaging you can find a label with the most important information.

  • Obaly produktů OREN
  • The label gives you all the neccessary information Item-No., description, size and length of the tool.
    Of course we can print the labels in your language, too.
    You can rely on each item having its EAN code.

  • Obaly produktů OREN

We use a colour marking system

The packaging colour indicates at first glance the material, and thus the equipment, for which the tool is intended

  • RED - tools for concrete drilling for electro-pneumatic hammers

  • GREEN - tools for hammering and impact-free drilling in masonry, wall and glass

  • YELLOW - tools for wood drilling

  • BLUE - tools for metal drilling

  • BLACK - screwdriver bits