From catalogues to display stands

Even the best goods need advertising. That is why we provide our sales partners with assistance in promotion and sales support, in the form of printed catalogues, advertising banners or even by our participation in corporate demonstration events.

OREN sales presentation:

  • Our display stands allow you to present the goods individually according to your needs

  • The basic modules offer a number of compositions of nearly every type of drilling tool

  • The most popular sizes are included on the module

  • If you do not like our basic modules, you can put your own module together. Just select the sizes and the quantity of tools

Prodejní stojan OREN
Prodejní modul OREN

A wide range of suspension modules is available:

  • Colour coding is included on foot and head shields

  • Shields with product description can be seen from a distance

  • Product dimensions are shown clearly above each hook

  • EAN-codes and prices can be found on the inside of the foot-shields

Závěsné moduly OREN